Our team brings more than 40 years of experience in management, leadership, collaborative partnerships, research and data collection, communications, and evaluation. We have worked extensively with communities, social service organizations, and philanthropic organizations. Our team is purposefully small, which allows us to be nimble and utilize our extensive network of partners to meet your needs.

The work of 1000 Feathers is based on the premise that a strong vision combined with thoughtful strategy is the only path to measurable results.

About 1000 Feathers
In July 2016, Forrest Alton and Heather Brandt launched 1000 Feathers in an effort to bring the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors closer together – in both vision and strategy – and to provide aggressive leadership development to help prepare organizations to better handle a changing landscape. Throughout their careers, Forrest and Heather have discovered that retiring baby boomers, changing approaches to funding and philanthropy, and a more crowded than ever nonprofit sector have combined to create a need for more strategic thinking, bigger and bolder visions, and an ever-increasing need to be sure effort leads to results.

The work of 1000 Feathers is based on the premise that a strong vision combined with thoughtful strategy, and purposeful execution is the only path to measurable results. Yet, as Forrest and Heather have too often seen in their own work, there is something missing that prevents communities and organizations from moving forward. Sometimes leadership; sometimes vision; sometimes the ability to execute a planned strategy; sometimes there is not enough meaningful collaboration; sometimes leaders are not asking the right questions or exploring the right data; sometimes it is a failure to communicate. Many times, it is “all of the above.” As it turns out, there are a lot of moving parts to the "vision.strategy.results." formula. 

Why 1000 Feathers?
The “1000 Islands” region is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world. The 744 miles of water in the mighty St. Lawrence River connect the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean. In between, just a few miles from Lake Ontario you’ll find this breathtaking region of the country, where there are 1,864 islands, to be exact. The region is where Forrest grew up and one that Forrest and Heather visit often. One of the 1000 Islands, appropriately named Heart Island, was the location of their wedding in 2012. But what about “Feathers”? Well, that’s the easy part… take equal parts Forrest + Heather, add it to the “1000” (Islands), and now you know our story.