Client Spotlight - Rockingham County Partnership for Children

RCPC board and staff retreats-01.jpg

Rockingham county, NC

Strategic plans are notorious for sitting on figurative shelves collecting proverbial dust. Leaders of the Rockingham County Partnership for Children (RCPC) didn’t want theirs to turn out that way, so they chose 1000 Feathers to create a dynamic blueprint for the future.

“We wanted a document that was hands on, that would be a living, breathing document,” said Executive Director Heather Adams.

When the nonprofit’s previous strategic plan expired, RCPC chose 1000 Feathers to create a new one. The four-month planning process began in March 2018 with the consulting firm holding small group meetings to gain a historical perspective from key partners and collaborators. To ensure buy-in from a range of stakeholders, the team also facilitated a board retreat and a staff retreat and conducted a partner survey.

From 1000 Feathers’ work emerged four focus areas: Connect, Support, Build; Educate and Advocate; Collaborate and Convene; and Communicate. 1000 Feathers also helped the nonprofit articulate “who we are” and “what we believe in.” The next step was to create an outward-facing document summarizing the strategic direction, as well as the programs and initiatives RCPC would continue to implement and support.

“It’s a great tool to have because it captures who we are on a double-sided sheet of paper,” Adams said. “It’s also very user-friendly and pleasing to look at. We’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from several different groups.” Adams added that best practices require nonprofits to update their strategic plans every few years. She recommends hiring an outside consultant, who brings a neutral perspective, to guide the work.

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