Client Spotlight - SC Office of Rural Health

Scorh press conference 12.jpg

Lexington, SC

When the South Carolina Office of Rural Health (SCORH) decided to broaden its focus to encompass the root causes of health outcomes, it turned to 1000 Feathers to lead the effort. What began as an 18-month collaboration to create a road map to healthy, rural communities snowballed into 1000 Feathers providing integrated services to the statewide organization.

1000 Feathers worked with SCORH to establish a 51-member task force to guide the development of South Carolina’s Rural Health Action Plan, which was funded by The Fullerton Foundation and supported by state legislative leaders. 1000 Feathers collaborated with the task force to produce a statewide community assessment that identified rural communities’ most urgent needs.

“We needed to understand how these factors impact health,” Dr. Adams said. “One thing I found most helpful about the process 1000 Feathers took us through is they understand how to think a couple of steps down the road. They took an unwieldy process and broke it down into manageable pieces. We had done other plans in the past, but they were nowhere near this detailed and comprehensive. Our past plans were more of an inventory of resources and ‘state of the state’ whereas the plan 1000 Feathers produced was more action- and recommendation-oriented.”

Dr. Adams said the response to the project has been significant. The Duke Endowment and The Fullerton Foundation awarded SCORH a grant to hire a full-time staff member to facilitate implementation of the action plan. Forty-five of the 55 action steps now have a champion to bring the plan to fruition.

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