1000 Feathers was established to bridge the divide between vision and strategy and to help strengthen a continuum that includes funders, government, nonprofits, and communities. Our programs and services address the individual, organizational, and systems-level issues that prevent the efficient and effective flow of information and resources. 

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It is time to move beyond the normal, tired conversations that result in yet another strategic plan that sits on a shelf. Our innovative and comprehensive approach pushes organizations to undergo deep internal reflection AND meaningful dialogue with the communities they serve. The result is a more transformative process for the organization and a greater return on future investments.

Challenges in the existing environment are numerous and complex. To solve them, it is important to increase knowledge and understanding. Our approach helps organizations gather and analyze data, ask difficult questions, hold courageous conversations, and explore the existing evidence and research base. Our firm provides an objective, balanced, and experienced guide to help organizations through this strategic decision-making process.

Organizations and communities are often doing great things that, sadly, no one knows about. We can help with large-scale communication efforts, the design of publications and resources, media relations, and key-leader outreach strategies. We often start with an analysis of an organization's existing digital footprint, which provides great insight into what further support is needed.

Leaders are under intense pressure to perform and deliver results. A funding landscape that is more competitive than ever requires the ability to conduct appropriate research, implement programs at a high level, institute strong evaluation, and produce evidence of impact. Without these, it is unlikely that resources will be available to support the ongoing, good work of organizations. It can be overwhelming at times - let us help!

Contact us to get ready for an upcoming media interview or to secure us for a keynote presentation or conference workshop. The list below summarizes our area of expertise.

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  • Health disparities and health equity

  • Leadership and management

  • Teen pregnancy prevention

  • Cancer prevention and control

  • Sexual and reproductive health

  • Education

  • Policy and advocacy

  • Nonprofit communications

  • Media training

  • Digital marketing

  • Grant writing and fundraising


No matter the client, no matter the sector, our four-step "vision.strategy.results." process is an effective method for planning, problem solving, and achieving meaningful results. While some consulting firms may be a good fit for one or two of these steps, our unique and experienced team seamlessly leads organizations through all four.

An important first step of the process is a detailed look internally - board, staff, leadership - to reaffirm your organization's values and beliefs, identify opportunities; or to fully and completely define the problem to be solved. Who are you? What challenges need to be overcome?

Our unique and comprehensive approach to assessment and data collection can be used to solve big, complex challenges or to better understand local community values. The unmatched skill set of our team provides you the objectiveness needed to understand what is being communicated and how best to respond.

It is not enough to ask the right questions and collect the right data; you need to know what to do with it. Many organizations get stuck here. Our team's ability to engage in dynamic thinking, analysis, and planning processes leads to the data-driven decision organizations need to create a path forward.

Now the real work begins. The vision has been established, data collected, and path forward made clear. Sometimes you need additional capacity. Our experience and strong network of partners can connect you with the best and brightest in a variety of fields to best meet your needs.

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