1000 Feathers was established to help bridge the divide between vision and strategy, and to help lead you to results. Our expert team works directly with nonprofit, social service organizations, and those who fund them - helping our clients maximize return on investments and achieve greater impact in the communities they serve.   


IMPACTING SYSTEMS & COMMUNITIES. Many of our clients are looking to make deep community change, but first need to build a strong understanding of their community and the issues they are addressing. Projects of this nature take time and deep, collaborative thinking to achieve the desired result. Our team will work with you – rather than for you – to build a robust understanding of the issues of interest driven by a combination of academic and field research, community voices, best practices, and policy solutions to establish the best way to solve the challenges you face. We will ensure you know the resources and energy you are putting into your project are invested in the right way. Our experience with foundations, philanthropists, organizations, and communities equips us to assess the current landscape, help you find a vision and direction, chart out a strategy to move issues forward, and get you to results.

Expanding & Enhancing the Work of Organizations. Too often we find our clients so engrained in the day-to-day business of their organization that they struggle to find time for long term planning and goal-setting. Are you ready to increase your impact, expand your reach, grow your organization, or launch your next great idea? We can help! First, know that times have changed. The funding landscape has evolved, and your organization needs to keep up if you want to be competitive. Our team can help you increase your capacity to gather and analyze available data, ask the difficult questions, and use evidence to inform your strategies. Our innovative and comprehensive approach to exploring your organization’s assets, taking the pulse of the environment that surrounds you, and understanding the needs of your stakeholders results in a comprehensive plan that will help you leverage the resources you need to make a meaningful impact and get better results. 

Telling Your Story. Our team has diverse experiences engaging a variety of audiences through communication, key-leader advocacy, and media relations. Let us help you tell the story of your success. Our experience with press relations, social media, traditional media, population-specific publications, and general communications is unmatched. Call on us to help launch your next major communications effort, design and distribute your next publication, facilitate an upcoming media event, implement a social media and outreach strategy, or just gain some valuable insight and training to support your overall communication plan.

Preparing Leaders. In today's environment, leaders are under intense pressure to perform and deliver results. Our team knows how important quality leadership is to the success of your organization and is well positioned to help ensure you are prepared for the challenges ahead. Let us help build your internal leadership team, fully develop next generation leadership, facilitate executive-level leadership growth, and provide the training and insight necessary to help take you to the next level.

Keynotes, Workshops & Training. The collective experiences of the 1000 Feathers team across a variety of topics and content areas allow us to be a great addition to your organization's training calendar. Members of our team have served as presenters for trainings, workshops, and community events; been sought after as keynote speakers for a variety of meetings and conferences; and delivered countless professional development presentations to a wide-variety of audiences.

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keynote Presentations & training

Contact us to get you ready for an upcoming media interview or to secure us for a keynote presentation or conference workshop. The list below summarizes our areas of expertise.

  • Health disparities and health equity
  • Leadership and management
  • Teen pregnancy prevention
  • Cancer prevention and control
  • Sexual and reproductive health
  • Education
  • Policy and advocacy
  • Communications and marketing
  • Grant writing and fundraising

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