Forrest has been involved in the nonprofit and social service sectors in a variety of capacities and settings for more than 15 years.  For 10 years, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, where his leadership and management resulted in the significant growth of an agency, which is now recognized as a national leader on issues related to adolescent health. The type of growth experienced by the organization doesn’t happen via random chance – especially on such a contentious issue being discussed in a conservative, southern state. It happens because of strong vision, strategic thinking, bold leadership (and certainly a little luck.) Forrest’s accomplishments in the sector combined with his dynamic, engaging personality and presentation style have resulted in him being frequently sought after as a speaker for conferences, trainings, and media opportunities.




Heather M. Brandt, PhD, CHES has more than 20 years of experience working in the public health field. She has particular expertise in cancer prevention and control efforts focused on examining, describing, and intervening upon cancer-related health disparities through innovative approaches in partnership with the “community” (defined broadly and diversely) emphasizing dissemination and implementation of evidence-based approaches, knowledge-based practice, and co-creating knowledge with stakeholders in order to address disparities through informed action on multiple levels.



Director of communications

With 16 years of experience in nonprofit and higher education communications, Cayci brings a unique mindset to 1000 Feathers, but perhaps one of her greatest talents is telling a story. Over the years, she has expertly crafted messages for general audiences based on large amounts of data and sector speak. Having built a strong network of media contacts across South Carolina, she brings value not only in message creation but in message distribution as well.



Director of Finance

Based in Columbia, SC, Tameka Bell has 15 years of accounting experience in banking, academic and nonprofit environments. After earning her bachelor’s degree in business administration from Lander University, Tameka worked for a variety of companies, ranging from small businesses to multi-million dollar nonprofits. She worked alongside future 1000 Feathers colleagues Forrest Alton and Cayci Banks at the South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy for over seven years before becoming the Director of Finance and Administration for Sexual Trauma Services of the Midlands.

In 2016, Tameka started Bell Financial Services with the vision of building strong financial foundations for small businesses, nonprofits and individuals. Her unique experiences perfectly position her for the Director of Finance at 1000 Feathers. Whether it's bookkeeping, accounting, or personal financial coaching, Tameka helps take our clients to the next level.