Experience Matters.


Our team has been there – where you are right now! With more than 40 years of combined work in communities, with foundations, nonprofits, and government agencies, we have amassed a collection of experiences and skills that are unmatched and ready to meet your needs. The challenges faced by the social service sector in today's climate are well documented. An increased need combined with diminishing resources have increased the pressure to perform.

The 1000 Feathers team understands the importance of helping you be strategic in your vision, thinking, planning, implementation and performance. Our client-centered approach results in our team working with you, not for you. We simply state it in an equation we believe creates measurable change in communities of need and a path to success for your organization:




Find out more about the people behind 1000 feathers, how we got our unique name, and how we can help your organization maximize results and increase your return on investment.

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If your organization could benefit from the expertise of a team of experts who has been there, then it's time to connect. We'd love to hear from you and discuss how we can work together. 

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